Custom Metal Stamping

* Metals include: CRS, stainless, aluminum, brass and copper
* Rapid prototyping and short-run capable
* In-house capabilities include: die design and development, tool maintenance, die construction.
* Secondary operations include: welding, deburring, drilling & tapping, assembly.

We are experienced in design, construction and operation of most stamping operations, from simple blanking dies, to the complex progressive dies. We specialize in deep drawn stampings, including difficult deep draw of stainless steel. At Eckmann, our design engineers select appropriate methods for manufacturing the stamping. Upon determining an appropriate routing sequence, the dies are designed for accuracy, repeatability and ease of maintenance. Once the design is complete, it is passed to our tool room, where our journey tool & die makers build the dies. Die tryout is performed in our press room, under the supervision of manufacturing management. Upon completion of die tryouts, our quality assurance department performs a first article inspection. The results are documented in the form of an I.S.I.R. (Initial Sample Inspection Report), which is submitted to the customer. Once approval is received, the dies are released to production. Eckmann is a supplier of a variety of parts to many types of industries, including aircraft, lawn and garden, marine, food, automotive, agriculture and many more. Our engineers can aid in your design process to help minimize costs, to make dies that are easy to maintain, and produce excellent, quality parts. Please contact our engineering staff early in your design, to help reduce your development and production costs. Email your prints for a quotation to, or fill out the form for a Fast Quote