Bystronics Xpert 150 x 3100 6-axis CNC Press Brake

Eckmann Custom Products is pleased to announce the addition of Bystronics Xpert 150 x 3100 6-axis CNC Press Brake.
In an effort to better support our current customers, and grow our business with new customers, we have expanded our capabilities to include this new exciting service. This addition will enhance our ability to service our markets by including these new additional offerings:

- Prototype orders -Press brake capability will allow us to produce prototypes and allow changes to ensure the product will work before committing to production quantities.

- Short run orders -Press brake capability will help eliminate set up costs in mechanical pressed so orders for 1-5,000 pieces will be more competitive where applicable.

- Reduced Tooling Cost -Press brake capability will eliminate some or all tooling costs on certain parts, depending upon design and part type.

- Enhanced production flexibility -Press brake capability when teamed with our laser gives options for meeting changes in our customer requirement.

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