Custom Spin Form Pulleys

The manufacture of single and multi "V" pulleys from a spinning process offers several technical and commercial advantages. Starting from a simple pre-form or a deep drawn shell, many pulley forms and styles can be manufactured with considerable material cost and weight advantages. Pulleys of various diameters may be assembled to accommodate engineering requirements. To meet higher customer requirements, Eckmann has invested in two horizontal spinning machines, capable of producing pulleys from as little as 3" O.D. to 12" O.D.

Custom Spin Form Pulleys Video

See for yourself - a video of our Spin form process.


In-House Design

Eckmann offers in-house design, development and tool manufacturing to insure competitive lead times for both prototype and production parts. Coupled with an active development program covering new applications and materials, Eckmann Custom Products strongly remains at the forefront of spinning technology.

Custom Spin Form Pulleys

We Can Handle Your Pulley Needs

Our advanced and flexible production facilities enable us to handle many types of pulley orders. Our optimal manufacturing process results in quality, cost-effective components.

To compliment this latest spinning technology, we offer a wide range of presses to manufacture pre-form blanks of various shapes and sizes. Email your prints for a quotation to, or fill out the form for a Fast Quote